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Medium Stripey Bamboo Socks, UK Size 3-7, Fair Trade

Medium Stripey Bamboo Socks, UK Size 3-7, Fair Trade

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A Fair Trade version of this bestselling product! 

Why is bamboo viscose great to wear? 
- supersoft 
- 40% more moisture absorbent than cotton 
- breathable fabric that keeps feet fresh and dry 
- comfortable 
- naturally anti-bacterial 
- durable and stronger than cotton 
- hypo allergenic 

Why Bamboo and not cotton? 
- bamboo grows without the need for fertilisers or pesticides. 
- naturally requires less water (a third of the water required to grow cotton), farmers don’t need to irrigate their crop, saving water in a country where water shortages are a big problem. 
- bamboo yields are ten times higher per hectare than cotton and the plant rarely needs replanting, sprouting on its own. 
- bamboo yarns require less dye than cotton and keep their colour for longer. 

Medium Uk Size 3-7

Made in Tamil Nadu, India