We have a BRAND NEW logo, and oh how beautiful it is! We hope you love it as much as we do. We remain OPEN and are posting out orders daily. **Orders outside of UK may be delayed**


We aim to source the best quality fair trade creations from well known brands as well as sourcing our own unique collections from our travels around Rajasthan in India. We deliver a fast and friendly service to all our beloved customers, many who have become good friends.

Wild Flower Trading ~ first named during our time in our old home, a rural farmhouse set among the wild flower meadows of Northumberland, England.

Fair Trade is at the core of what we do, ensuring that our collections have some of the best ethical, sustainable and eco friendly products on the market. Wild Flower Trading is a small business with a big vision!

Meet Emily ~ owner, trader, curator

"Starting out as a jewellery artist and trader at markets back in 2010, I gradually moved into sourcing jewellery from other artisans to help grow my business and invest in more raw materials to make my polymer clay creations. Over the last ten years, the stall has featured many different handmade products made by many different friends here in the Uk. In helping them to earn a little extra towards their own craft, I was also able to slowly begin investing in the Fair Trade products that I love.

A friend had traveled to India on the way back from a business trip and happened to come across lots of exciting jewellery shops. This wonderful friend contacted me to suggest he bring some stock back for me to sell on the stall. Photos were exchanged and together we selected some exciting new stock.

My fascination with India had begun as a child, hearing stories of when my Grandparents lived there. 

Two years after that first stock buy, I was able to travel to India myself for the first time to make contacts with suppliers and makers and peruse the shops and absorb the rich culture. I've been visiting India every couple of years now for the last 5 years and hope to go every year from now on.

We're now based in rural Northumberland, Northern England. I live here with my fiancee Ian and our cat Bootsy. Ian helps keep me sane and is a valuable part of the business planning and running of Wild Flower Trading. Although we've moved away from the wild flower meadows of the West Allen Valley, we now have a garden full of beautiful flowering plants and many wild flowers. Wild Flower Trading lives on!

When at home, I'm working on my art beads for my business 'Supremily Jewellery', doing admin, sorting stock, packing orders and working on my online shops. When not at home, I'm out trading on my stall or enjoying time with friends and family.

I enjoy yoga, meditation, walks in the forestry, visiting the local waterfall and working on and enjoying our beautiful garden. 

I believe that being outdoors, connecting with people and nature and living an active, passionate and compassionate lifestyle is key to a happy life."

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