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Our Ethics

  • We are passionate about fair trade, sourcing over 90% of our items from amazing artisans who receive good pay, great benefits, nice work environments and who benefit from equality in the workplace. Sales of our products are directly improving the lives of these people, as well as helping to protect the environment. Nothing is mass produced, all materials are sustainably sourced. Fair Trade helps to empower women, and most of our beautiful ranges of jewellery are made by Tara projects in Delhi.


  • We are self sufficient on power, running our lights on low energy LED bulbs powered by a leisure battery and trickle charged by one large solar panel in the summer months. 


  • We use biodegradable, recycled paper bags and packaging and use recycled packing materials (bubble wrap) where possible.


  • We also use 100% Biodegradable carrier bags. 


  • Many items on the stall are made from recycled materials including iron, tin, circuit board and pencil crayons! 


  • We run our business from our home in the wild flower meadows of Northumberland using 100% green energy, wind powered!  


  • All gift boxes are sourced specially from an eco company and are made from 100% recycled materials. 


  • The wood used for tree carvings and statues are collected from sustainable woodlands in Bali which are now government managed. Made by cottage industries (small family businesses) rather than larger companies. 


  • None of the products we sell are mass produced, meaning less environmental impact.